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xdiesxiraex's Journal

3 September
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"I don't mean to sound gloomy, but at some point in your life every one of you will realize that you have your life in one person, one whom you love and care for very much. That person is so close to you that you are able to share some things with only him. For example, you can call that friend, and from the very maniacal laugh, or some other joke, he will know who is on the other end of that line. We used to do that with him so often. And when that person is gone, there will be nothing like that ever in your life again."

-Christopher Lee

I love music. I am always listening to something, whether that be on my computer, radio, iPod, or in my head.

It gets me through the day, as does my LJ.

So, sometimes I post rather miserable things on my LJ, sometimes joyous things. Sometimes I like to order stuff from kid_pirate.

Read what you want to, I really don't care.

Just wipe your feet before you come in. :o